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Carrera y Carrera's Ruedo collection

Carrera y Carrera's Ruedo collection From left, Carrera y Carrera’s 18-karat yellow and white gold and diamond four-band ring ($5,400) Print Carrera y Carrera's Ruedo collection An ... Read More »

Christie’s Dec. 10 jewelry auction

Christie’s Dec. 10 jewelry auction This 52.58-carat D color internally flawless Golconda diamond is expected to sell for $9.5 million to $12.5 million. Print Christie’s Dec. 10 jewelry ... Read More »

The Ceres Collection

The Ceres Collection A selection of the cameos that are part of The Ceres Collection, which is valued at more than $170, 000. Print The Ceres Collection This sardonyx cameo of a Roman ... Read More »

Pantone’s hues for fall

Pantone’s hues for fall Sangria Print Pantone’s hues for fall Aurora Red Print Pantone’s hues for fall Mauve Mist Print Pantone’s hues for fall Radiant Orchid Print Pantone’s hues for ... Read More »

SPS' trendy silver picks

SPS' trendy silver picks Reinvented classics . Kara Ross’ “Section” cuff is sterling silver with black sapphire accents ($950). Print SPS' trendy silver picks Reinvented classics . ... Read More »

Design Awards 2014

Design Awards 2014 Bridal. Finn was selected as the winner in the bridal category for this diamond ring. Print Design Awards 2014 Colored Gems Above $20,000. Nam Cho won in the Colored ... Read More »

Slane at Centurion

Slane at Centurion Slane’s 18-karat gold ring features a cabochon turquoise and Paraiba tourmaline pavé ($8,300). Print Slane at Centurion This 18-karat gold “Fenestra” link bracelet ... Read More »

Margery Hirschey’s jewelry

Margery Hirschey’s jewelry Margery Hirschey’s 22-karat yellow gold earrings with amethyst, prehnite, moonstone, opal, zircon and quartz ($7,110) Print Margery Hirschey’s jewelry A 22-karat ... Read More »

Four fine brands

Four fine brands Suzanne Kalan’s 18-karat rose gold earrings with white diamond baguettes Print Four fine brands These 18-karat yellow gold earrings from Kalan feature round Swiss blue ... Read More »

Ivanka Trump at Couture

Ivanka Trump at Couture From the new Empire collection, Ivanka Trump’s 18-karat yellow gold necklace with diamonds ($8,950) Print Ivanka Trump at Couture This 18-karat yellow gold ring ... Read More »

1884 Collection at Couture

1884 Collection at Couture These oxidized sterling silver earrings from the Versilia collection feature ancient Roman coins surrounded by diamond pavé. Print 1884 Collection at Couture ... Read More »

Moraglione at Vicenzaoro

Moraglione at Vicenzaoro This 18-karat rose gold ring features white and brown diamonds and semi-precious gemstones. Print Moraglione at Vicenzaoro An 18-karat rose gold butterfly pendant ... Read More »

Lab-grown looks

Lab-grown looks The rendering that won Akanksha Gore first place and fan favorite in the Gemesis/FIT contest Print Lab-grown looks The rendering by So Hyun Ahn that won second place ... Read More »

Christie’s statement jewels

Christie’s statement jewels This suite of jade and diamond jewelry has a pre-sale high estimate of $10,000. Print Christie’s statement jewels A pair of ruby and diamond earrings is ... Read More »

Post’s Cartier jewels

Post’s Cartier jewels This emerald brooch, with a total of 250 carats of emeralds, illustrates the Indian style Cartier produced from the late 1910s to the 1930s, when Post was buying ... Read More »

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