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Colored Stones


“Cap” Beesley Goes Ivy League

Yale University has tapped the AGL founder to chair the advisory board overseeing a major expansion of the gem and mineral exhibit at the school’s historic Peabody Museum.


7 Market Updates from AGTA GemFair

The two-tier gemstone market, trending colors, and best-selling gemstones were all addressed by Richard Drucker of GemWorld International in a recent seminar at AGTA GemFair.


GIA Announces Lineup for Tucson 2016

The Gemological Institute of America’s offerings in Tucson this year include a show service laboratory, exhibitions and seminars.


AGA Releases Tucson Seminar Lineup

The Accredited Gemologists Association will host presentations in Tucson next month that examine the challenges facing the colored gemstone industry today.


ICA to Hold Two-Session GILC Format

The International Colored Gemstone Association has announced the lineup and schedule for this year’s Gemstone Industry & Laboratory Conference during the Tucson gem shows, with an invitation-only session followed by an open discussion.


‘Subway Garnet’ Peeks Out Of the Vault

The New York Times just ran a short feature on the 9-pound, 10-ounce garnet discovered in a New York City sewer and given a very polite, if somewhat misleading, moniker.


Rocks On: Sapphires

It’s the blue hues that continue to reign when it comes to sapphires, though the peach and light pink shades are gaining popularity.


Gemfields Ruby Auction Nets $29 Million

The gemstone miner’s recent Singapore auction of higher- and medium-quality rough rubies from its Montepuez mine achieved an average per-carat price of $317.92.


Smithsonian Gets its First Piece of Citrine Jewelry

It came from none other than actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie Pitt, who worked with designer Robert Procop to create the piece for their “Style of Jolie” jewelry collection.