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Colored Stones


What gemstone is the favorite among consumers?

Jewelry Television is asking the public to vote on their favorite gemstone to select the “Gem of the Year,” a promotion that gives the on-air retailer valuable insight into customer preferences.  


GIA gets inside look at African emerald mine

On a recent trip to Zambia, field researchers with the Gemological Institute of America got a look at what has made the Gemfields emerald mining operations at the Kagem mine so successful.


Rocks On: Hard-to-find alexandrite picks up in price

In this installment of Rocks On, National Jeweler takes a look at the state of the alexandrite market and features seven pieces of jewelry made using this chameleon-like stone.


Revenue, profit up for Gemfields in fiscal 2014

Both revenue and profits increased this past fiscal year for Gemfields Plc, which saw the company push into the black as it began selling rubies for the first time.  


Mikimoto unveils new global ad campaign

Mikimoto announced that it will launch its first global ad campaign in more than a decade this fall, coinciding with the launch of a redesigned website for the brand. 


Gemfields expands into sapphires

Gemfields has entered into a joint venture with East West Gem Investment Limited in Sri Lanka to add sapphires to its portfolio of colored gemstones, which already includes emeralds and rubies. 


True North secures $10M in financing for ruby mine

True North Gems has signed an agreement with two companies to provide approximately $10 million to the company and its operating subsidiary for the Aappaluttoq ruby mine in Greenland. 


Tanzanite Foundation to restructure

The Tanzanite Foundation recently announced that it would undergo a structural and operational reorganization effective this month to better align the nonprofit with the global tanzanite market and sightholder expectations. 


Rocks On: Tanzanite comes into its own

In the second installment of Rocks On, National Jeweler takes a look at the current status of the tanzanite market and showcases 13 pieces of tanzanite jewelry.