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Gübelin Lab opens entry for research scholarship

March 20, 2014

Lucerne, Switzerland--The Gübelin Gem Lab is accepting applicants for its newly established Dr. Eduard Gübelin Research Scholarship, an annual grant that will be allocated to an innovative research project in the field of gemology.

The deadline for applications is June 30.

The scholarship is valued at $33,000 and will be granted once a year.

It is intended for Ph.D.- and M.Sc.-level or post-doctorate researchers in the fields of earth sciences (mineralogy, geology, geochemistry), crystallography, chemistry, physics, material sciences, archaeology, biology and related fields. 

The project proposal for the scholarship must be “truly innovative,” the lab said, with demonstrable novel thinking. It must venture into new areas, test new concepts and methods, and contribute to the advancement of gemological knowledge.

Depending on the type of project the scholarship is granted to, research may involve a collaboration with the Gübelin Gem Lab. This could include the use of its assets, resources and knowledge database, including access to analytical equipment, support and collaboration with research staff from Gübelin or access to samples from the Gübelin Reference Collection.

Researchers interested in applying for the scholarship may submit their project via Gübelin’s online application form

A scientific committee consisting of representatives from the academic community will select the winning project and scholar from the applications.

The lab will name the scholarship winner in September.

The creation of the Dr. Eduard Gübelin Research Scholarship coincides with the 90th anniversary of the Gübelin Gem Lab. 

Guidelines, forms and additional information can be found on the Gübelin Gem Lab website.