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Gemstone csarite now trademarked in US

August 22, 2014

Two trademarks for csarite recently were granted in the United States to Milenyum Mining, the sole miner of the color-changing gemstone.

Dubai--Milenyum Mining announced that it has been granted two trademarks by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for csarite, the color-changing gemstone it mines in Turkey.

The company said that the “csarite” trademark will allow for greater consumer recognition for the stone as well as help in distinguishing natural csarite from synthetics and simulants finding their way into the market. 

Milenyum also won approval to trademark the tagline “Csarite: Rare. Natural. Exquisite.” 

With both trademarks approved and registered, Milenyum said that it is stepping up efforts to fight theft and illegal mining at the site by working with Turkish ministries and the army to monitor and prevent illegal activity and take immediate action when necessary.  

Csarite, also known as Turkish diaspore, is a color-changing gemstone found in the mountains of the Anatolia region of Turkey. The company said it is the only one currently mining the gemstone, and it cuts and markets csarite as well.

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In January, designer Erica Courtney’s eponymous jewelry company announced that it was launching a new division to focus on rare and collectible gemstones, and, as such, is currently the only authorized distributor of the csarite in the United States.

“As this lovely gemstone grows in popularity, it’s especially important that the quality and purity of natural csarite is protected,” said Milenyum President Murat Akgun. “With the granting of the name and slogan trademarks, our already transparent supply chain instills even greater confidence for our buyers.”