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Indian traders stop short of banning rough imports

India’s top diamond exporters said no to temporarily stemming the flow of rough into the country but have outlined a number of other measures the trade there will take to deal with oversupply and lagging demand worldwide.


In the KP, familiar battle lines are drawn

The United Arab Emirates seems poised to become the Kimberley Process’s next chair and has struck a surprisingly conciliatory tone, though the NGOs involved in the process say concerns remain.


Rio Tinto sells stake in Zimbabwe diamond mine

The Murowa Diamond Mine, which is located in south central Zimbabwe, now will be locally owned and operated.


Cecilia Gardner stepping down from the WDC

Jewelers Vigilance Committee President Cecilia Gardner is leaving her post as general counsel of the World Diamond Council, the organization that represents the diamond industry in the Kimberley Process.


Genesis sets date of first summer silent auction

Toronto-based Genesis Rare Diamonds will hold the “The Radiant Diamonds of Summer” auction on July 5 and will donate the proceeds from the sale of one diamond to a local nonprofit.


CanadaMark looks to make its mark in the US

After resurrecting the hallmark program last year, Dominion Diamond Corp. launched a consumer marketing campaign to support the stones and, now, an online trading platform. 


Diamond markets ‘stable’ in May

Lower supply supported polished diamond prices in select sizes last month, and demand in the U.S. remains consistent, offsetting the slower markets in the Far East, Rapaport Group said.


EGL USA owner now issuing GHI grading reports

The owner of EGL USA is now issuing grading reports under the GHI brand name, as the lab continues to work to distance itself from the EGL International brand.


Diamond producers pool their resources

The world’s largest diamond mining companies have formed an association to buoy demand for mined diamonds, but won’t be doing generic marketing on the scale that De Beers once did.