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Belgium aiding Ivory Coast’s return

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) recently completed a training program for three senior officials from the government of the Ivory Coast, which saw the decade-long ban on its diamond trade lifted earlier this year.


Kiran Gems renews contract, wins award

Indian diamond manufacturer Kiran Gems renewed its contract with Alrosa at the World Diamond Conference just held in New Delhi.  


Attorney: Grading report class action is coming

Early next year, a class-action lawsuit will be filed against EGL International and “major retailers” charging that the lab systematically over-graded diamonds that the retailers then knowingly sold to consumers, National Jeweler has learned.  


Remaining lawsuits filed over EGL reports are settled

The three remaining lawsuits filed against Tennessee retailer Genesis Diamonds over its use of EGL International grading reports have been settled.


IGI gains re-certification, re-accreditation

The International Gemological Institute recently received recognition from the Responsible Jewelry Council and the International Organization for Standardization.


Diamond grower produces 3-carat white stone

Pure Grown Diamonds, the company formerly known as Gemesis, has broken yet another carat barrier in the creation of white, or colorless, diamonds.  


9 questions with the man cleaning up EGL

As part of a reorganization, EGL will no longer issue “EGL International” certificates and has vowed it is working to homogenize its grading practices worldwide. Menahem Sevdermish is at the head of this operation.  


Marketing, financing top conference topics

Next week, key diamond industry leaders, and reportedly even Russian President Vladimir Putin, are slated to attend a conference in India that will address challenges facing the industry today.  


Polished diamond prices continue 8-month slide

Prices for 1-carat and 3-carat stones were down about 2 percent in November as suppliers, strapped by a lack of liquidity, lowered prices in an effort to generate cash.