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AGS to open new take-in window this month

August 20, 2014

Las Vegas--The American Gem Society Laboratories is expanding its take-in window operations with a new location in Los Angeles.

It will be located at the Brinks offices at 550 South Hill St., room 805, and officially will open on Aug. 29.

Additionally, the organization also will offer free shipping and insurance for clients of the Los Angeles take-in window through Oct. 31.

The AGS offers a turnaround time of five to seven business days for all grading results.

On Aug. 28, the Diamond Club West Coast (DCWC) will host Peter Yantzer, executive director of the AGS Laboratories, and AGS Director of Membership Ash Shah at their monthly luncheon. Yantzer and Shah will give a presentation on AGS Labs and answer questions from DCWC members.

“It’s a natural move for AGS Laboratories to open a window in Los Angeles, as Las Vegas (where the AGS is based) is in its backyard,” said Ruth Batson, CEO of the AGS and AGS Laboratories. “Our laboratory services are in high demand. We are very excited about this opportunity and look forward to serving members of the jewelry industry in Los Angeles.”

News of the launch follows this spring’s opening of AGS Labs’ first take-in window in New York City’s Diamond District. 

To contact the AGS Laboratories window, call AGS Laboratories at 800-250-2600 or Brinks at 213-627-4409.