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Online course educates on clarity-enhanced diamonds

August 25, 2014

Dallas--Teva Diamonds has redesigned its website and the relaunch includes a new online educational system to teach retailers about clarity-enhanced diamonds.

The online resource includes a course for jewelers about disclosure and sales of clarity-enhanced diamonds, which is meant to ensure confidence, teach proper disclosure and give jewelers other tools to sell them, the company said.

“With diamond margins increasing every day, clarity-enhanced diamonds offer an alternative and profitability to traditional goods. Most clarity-enhanced diamonds command 30 percent to keystone profits and their sales have become critical to many independent jewelers,” Teva said in a statement.

The course was organized in collaboration with a number of retailers who have built their own successful and profitable diamond divisions in the United States.

The web resource also offers real-time inventory selection of both diamonds and jewelry, sales training courses and articles about clarity-enhanced diamonds in today’s marketplace, margins and pricing.

“Having the website lets me instantly select diamonds I need for memo and inventory,” said Cheryl Kozisek of Nebraska Diamonds. “The online resource center offers the critical information I need for training both current and new sales associates.”

For more information, visit the Teva website or contact Dora Levaton at 972-960-6506.