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Rapaport lab launches synthetic detection services

December 02, 2013

Las Vegas--The Rapaport Group’s RapLab announced last week that it’s now offering synthetic diamond detection services for the trade, utilizing the DiamondSure and DiamondView technologies developed by De Beers.

RapLab will begin providing the services today in Ramat Gan and Mumbai with additional service centers in New York and Surat, India, to be available in the near future.

The company said its services will include testing for individual diamonds as well as implementing statistical sampling protocols for parcels of diamonds.

“RapLab synthetic diamond services will add confidence and support to the trade. It will ensure international buyers and their customers that the diamonds they purchase are natural,” said Joshua Kersh, managing director of Rapaport Israel. “The Rapaport Group urges all members of the diamond trade to provide full disclosure when selling synthetic diamonds.”

RapLab provides a broad range of gemological and diamond grading services including pre-check, re-check, authentication and high quality multi-level imaging.