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Gemesis creates ‘largest, whitest’ lab diamond


Lakewood Ranch, Fla.--Synthetic diamond company Gemesis has created a 1.29-carat E color VVS2 emerald-cut diamond, and has set the stone’s price at $7,634.

Gemesis is claiming that the diamond is the world’s largest and whitest to be created in a lab.

“We ascertain to the best of our knowledge that we are currently selling the largest, whitest lab-created diamond following the industry reports as well as public and online competitor research. We are not aware of any other company currently offering a larger, whiter lab-created diamond,” Gemesis said.

The diamond is a certified Type IIa by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), a classification that is rare with natural diamonds.

“This is a significant milestone. Gemesis is proud to offer … lab-created diamonds that possess the same exceptional quality, color and clarity as mined diamonds. We look forward to continuing to produce high colors (D to F) in larger sizes, with increased regularity in the near future,” Martin DeRoy, director of marketing at Gemesis, said.