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Book on Canadian diamonds, diamond industry

November 11, 2013

Toronto--A new book has been published that explains why Canadian diamonds are one of the most important discoveries of the last century and showcases how diamond firms are working to tag these ethically mined gems to regulate distribution.

Written by George Mimar of Toronto-based diamond manufacturing and brokerage firm MDL Diamonds, History of Diamonds explores the “clean” reputation of Canadian diamonds and how their discovery has impacted the international diamond industry.

It is currently available for order on here or to download on Kindle here.

According to a synopsis of the book, it explains “how Canadian diamonds have changed the secretive diamond industry,” including the gems’ production putting rights of workers and healthy environmental practices into the spotlight.

Mimar said as the international community fails to deal with conflict diamonds, specifically through the Kimberley Process, it renders Canada’s diamond industry as “the most robust and honest in the world.”

“My book explains how diamond firms are ‘tagging’ diamonds with microscopic markings in order to regulate the distribution of ‘ethically mined’ diamonds. It reveals, in great detail, the secret world of diamonds--one that used to be dominated and controlled by one powerful location,” Mimar said.