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GIA temporarily suspends rush services to relocate

February 24, 2014

New York--The Gemological Institute of America’s New York Laboratory announced recently that it is suspending two of its services next month as the organization prepares to relocate from its current offices to the International Gem Tower.

The GIA’s “rush” or “same-day service” and “48-hour identification report express services” will be suspended from March 3 to 21.

The services are expected to return on March 24, though that date is subject to change, the GIA said.

The GIA’s new location at the International Gem Tower is at 50 West 47th St. in Manhattan, a commercial condominium building designed specifically for the international diamond, gem and jewelry trade.

The institute said in 2010 that it had signed a contract to purchase an entire floor totaling nearly 30,000 square feet in the tower. The move, the GIA said, would help it organize staff and equipment in an efficient way and develop new services and enhanced business processes to benefit clients and the gem and jewelry industry as a whole.

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Questions can be directed to GIA’s client service department at 212-221-5858, ext. 3724 or