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Park yields another brown diamond


Murfreesboro, Ark.--The brown diamond finds keep rolling in at Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park.

On Sept. 28, Clay Jarvis discovered a 2.13-carat champagne brown diamond in the East Drain area of the park’s diamond search field.


It was Jarvis’ second trip to the park, located in Murfreesboro. The San Antonio, Texas man has been fascinated by diamonds for most of his life, visiting a diamond cutting facility in Amsterdam at age 10.

He recently decided to visit all of Arkansas’ 52 state parks, and it was his second trek to the Crater of Diamonds park that led to the discovery of the square-shaped, pencil eraser-sized diamond. Jarvis named it the “Nona J” diamond, in honor of his wife and their first grandchild.

Jarvis’ find is the 368th diamond found at the park this year, the 14th this year weighing more than one carat, and the fifth this year weighing more than two carats. Other notable finds at the park in 2013 include the 5.16-carat “God’s Glory” diamond and the 2.05-carat “Flint Hill Special” diamond.

All of the diamonds were found on the surface of the park’s 37 ½-acre search area.

“Due to good rains this year, many of the large diamonds were found right on the surface. Diamonds are a bit heavy for their size, so a good downpour will wash the dirt away leaving the diamond exposed,” said park interpreter Margi Jenks.