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Royal Asscher launches lab-grown diamond line


Amsterdam--Royal Asscher is introducing a line of synthetic, or lab-grown, diamond jewelry that will be sold online only, the brand announced Tuesday.

Called Rebel Chique Diamonds, the line includes 18-karat white gold rings, earrings, bracelets and cufflinks set with synthetic diamonds in a variety of hues. White, or colorless, lab-grown diamonds are included in the collection, along with blue, rose, yellow, orange and red stones.

The diamonds are 0.20 carats or larger. The largest diamond currently in stock for the brand is 2 carats, Rebel Chique Diamonds co-founder Walter Kraus told National Jeweler.

All Rebel Chique jewelry will be sold directly to consumers on the Rebel Chique website.

“Luxury e-tailers like Net-a-Porter and Yoox have proven that a certain type of consumer is very comfortable buying high-end fashion accessories online. We believe selling online fits our made-to-order mentality best,” Kraus said in a press release announcing the brand’s launch.

The diamonds will be certified by independent grading laboratories to guarantee quality and transparency and to avoid misleading consumers, Royal Asscher said. On the grading certificates, the origin will be listed as lab grown.

“We have grown up in an on-demand, made-to-order culture. Rebel Chique opens a new world for a next generation of diamond lovers, tapping into an entirely new mentality and experience,” said Mike Asscher, a member of the Asscher family and a co-founder of Rebel Chique.