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World Diamond Council to restructure


New York--Members of the World Diamond Council (WDC), the industry body created to deal with the issue of “conflict” diamonds that is now 10 years old, have determined that the organization needs an overhaul.

The WDC announced Tuesday that its newly elected board of directors approved a proposal last week to establish a steering committee to restructure the organization’s membership, financing and administration.

The point of the overhaul would be to upgrade the organization’s efficiency, the WDC said. WDC Vice President Andrew Bone will head the steering committee.

Also during the meeting, the WDC reiterated its support for reforms to the Kimberley Process, which also is under consideration for an overhaul as it heads into its second decade of existence.

As noted during the WDC General Assembly held in Vicenza earlier this year, the organization supports KP Chair Gillian Milovanovic’s call to expand the definition of “conflict” diamond to include “rough diamonds used to finance, or otherwise directly related to, armed conflict or other situations of violence.”

The WDC also supports establishing a permanent administrative support mechanism for the process, implementing a more rigorous peer review system and improving information exchange with international law enforcement agencies.

“We urge the governments of the other KP member countries to join in this spirit of cooperation, in order to institute the reforms that the Kimberley Process so urgently needs,” WDC President Eli Izhakoff said.