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2014 marks 30 years for AGTA Spectrum Awards

August 06, 2013

Dallas--Next year is the 30th anniversary of the American Gem Trade Association’s (AGTA) Spectrum Awards, which recognize the skills of jewelry designers and lapidaries in the United States and Canada who are working with colored gemstones.

Spectrum awards jewelry design excellence in a number of categories: bridal wear, business/day wear, classical, evening wear and men’s wear.

There is also the “Cutting Edge Awards,” which honors creativity in the lapidary arts in seven separate categories.

In addition, the Platinum Guild International and the Palladium Alliance International recognize the best in design in their particular metals while the Women’s Jewelry Association hands out Gem Diva awards to female designers in the bridal, evening wear and business/day wear categories.

Gem Diva was added as a new category for the Spectrum Awards in 2012.

A full list of categories can be found on the AGTA website here.

The deadline for entries for the 2014 AGTA Spectrum Awards is Sept. 20.

A video providing more background on the awards can be viewed on YouTube.