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For fall, Pantone forecasts an unusual palette

February 07, 2014

Pantone has zeroed in on the 10 colors that consumers will see across a range of industries, most commonly fashion, this fall.

Click through this slideshow to see swatches of the hues that comprise Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for fall 2014.

New York--Pantone has released its Fashion Color Report for fall 2014, identifying the 10 hues that will be prominent in fashion and design at the end of the year.

“This is a season of un-typical colors, more reflective of the imagination and ingenuity, which makes for an artful collection of colors and combinations not bound by the usual hues for fall,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

She said the fall palate has a “feminine mystique,” inspired by the increasing need for women to create an individual imprint.

The colors for fall 2014 are as follows, along with their descriptions, as explained by Pantone.

Sangria, an exotic red

Aurora Red, a more sophisticated red shade that adds verve and spark

Mauve Mist, a romantic and elegant purple shade reminiscent of the Art Deco era

Radiant Orchid, an adaptable shade

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Cypress, a powerful green that has a towering presence and serves as a stunning perennial

Bright Cobalt, a subtle twist on the traditional cobalt that unifies the season’s blues

Royal Blue, an evocative and dignified shade that provides more complexity and excitement than average navy

Aluminum, a futuristic stainless steel shade that serves as a complex neutral

Cognac, a classy and cultured brown that takes the typical autumn color to a sumptuous realm

Misted Yellow, a spring-ish hue that, along with Cognac, will be prevalent in prints, a popular trend for fall