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From Centurion: Slane goes gold

By Hannah Connorton

February 05, 2014

Slane’s 18-karat gold stackable rings feature, from left, moonstone, rubies, rhodolite, diamonds and cabochon rubies. Prices begin at $700.

Flip through this slideshow to see the 18-karat gold designs Slane exhibited at the Centurion show.

Scottsdale, Ariz.--Jewelry brand Slane is focusing on gold for 2014, expanding the 18-karat gold collection re-launched at Couture last June.

Slane’s gold is a unique color: it’s an 18-karat yellow and green gold alloy that’s brushed to create texture and a soft finish, which takes on its own patina over time.

The brand’s gold pieces are separated into “core” and “atelier” categories, with the core group jewelry in the $1,800 to $4,500 range. The atelier line includes one-off and limited-edition pieces.

“People are really coming back to gold, and I wanted to design back into (gold) in a way that felt every day,” said Landon Slane, designer and CEO. “I’ve created easy, chic pieces that wear well from day to night, but also statement pieces that can be incorporated into everyday wear. We’re trying to create a wardrobe of jewelry.”