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From Couture: New from 1884 Collection

By Hannah Connorton

June 03, 2014

This oxidized sterling silver, antique Roman coin and diamond pavé necklace is new from 1884 Collection’s Versilia collection.

Click through this slideshow to see 1884 Collection’s new coin pieces from the Versilia, Luna, Maddalena, Burano and Ravello collections.

Las Vegas--1884 Collection debuted collections with a new look at the Couture show, offering its signature coin pieces with diamond pavé halos and colored titanium settings.

Based in Rome, 1884 Collection President Alberto Petochi sources silver and bronze antique coins from an authenticator in the city, setting them into oxidized sterling silver and 18-karat gold with bezels shaped to the coin’s silhouette.

This year, the brand is surrounding its signature coins in diamond pavé and colored titanium in hues including blue and purple, a new look. Some pieces also are accented with precious and semi-precious gemstone pavé, including colored sapphires.

“We noticed a lot of (designers) doing coin jewelry using coins of low quality and I set out to do all original coins so we’re selling a piece that has a story,” Petochi said. “We’ve had a strong response to the authentic coins, so there’s a need and want for it. It’s a piece of history.”