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Bergman book discusses jewelry, relationships

June 17, 2014

Phyllis Bergman’s new book, Married Fifty Years and Still Dating--A Guide to a Platinum Relationship

New York—Bridal jewelry designer Phyllis Bergman has published her first book, Married Fifty Years and Still Dating--A Guide to a Platinum Relationship.

The book connects her life experiences with her bridal jewelry lines and shares the relationship wisdom she’s gained throughout her five-decade marriage to her husband, Ira.

Bergman, the president of Mercury Ring Corp., a division of InterJewel, said she had been encouraged by others to write a book on what it takes to have a relationship like she has with her husband.

“After witnessing so many relationships ending among my young and old friends, I decided it was time. It really isn’t rocket science but rather a commitment to wanting to make it work and figuring out how to enjoy the journey along the way. That’s why I love the title--it says it all,” she said.

Bergman also describes the deeper meaning behind her jewelry designs and the book’s title, which connects her relationship experience with her favorite metal for designing bridal jewelry, platinum.

“Being a bridal designer for many years, I realized that not only was I creating jewelry but, in reality, I was helping people celebrate special moments in their life, creating lasting memories and enduring relationships,” she said. “That thought made the connection between the metal I use to create most of my rings, platinum, and the message I wanted to convey to the world, and so I thought why not combine the two areas I devote most of my time to--my business and my family--and the result is (the book).”