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Forevermark debuts new ‘Promise’ campaign

June 02, 2014

In the fourth quarter, Forevermark will roll out a new advertising campaign highlighting the brand’s diamonds in classic jewelry designs across print, digital, television and social media, featuring couples who are renewing a promise made to each other.

Las Vegas--During its annual breakfast held in Las Vegas, De Beers Forevermark diamond brand unveiled a new advertising campaign for the fall that will concentrate on classic diamond jewelry.

Aiming to help people “renew their belief in life’s most meaningful promises,” and celebrate those promises with a Forevermark diamond, the advertising will show Forevermark diamonds in classic diamond jewelry pieces like a round, four-prong solitaire ring, three-stone round ring, round ear studs, eternity band, line bracelets, and the “Center of My Universe” halo pendant and ring.

The new campaign will launch nationwide in the fourth quarter of 2014, and will include television commercials, print ads, digital and social media.

Dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied, known for his work on Black Swan and for later marrying its star, Natalie Portman, directed the commercial, which was filmed in Berlin. It features music composed by Nicholas Britell, who most recently composed a number of songs for the Oscar-winning film 12 Years A Slave.

The print ads, featuring four couples with four promises, were photographed in Stockholm, Sweden.

All creative will be available for tagging by authorized Forevermark jewelers in their local markets, and also will drive consumers to shop for the brand’s diamonds at the new, which will launch in October.

“This new campaign truly gets to the heart of who we are as a brand. Forevermark diamonds come with their own promise that they are beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced, making them the ideal way to express our promises to one another,” said Forevermark U.S. President Charles Stanley.

“The campaign will connect emotionally with our consumers and reinforce the fact that Forevermark is a diamond brand, available in any piece of jewelry, creating demand for a broader range of piece types featuring Forevermark diamonds.”