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Fruchtman to handle Pandora co-op in US

February 14, 2014

Toledo, Ohio--Pandora has selected Toledo-based Fruchtman Marketing as the exclusive provider of its co-op advertising program to offer digital exposure to the brand’s retailers across the country.

Fruchtman has partnered with Pandora to offer two types of digital marketing--paid search and Facebook advertising--to be strategically managed by the retailer. 

The digital program was designed to provide both jewelers and Pandora with consistent messaging reflecting the brand’s standards as well as assure the campaigns reflect targeted and properly executed deliverables, according to Fruchtman Vice President Shane O’Neill.

The paid search aspect is delivered by Google AdWords, but search ads can also appear on Google’s search partners, such as AOL. A variety of keyword types are used, including broad match modifiers, phrase match and exact match, to create more targeted and cost effective campaigns, O’Neill said, and will put retailer ads in local top search placements.

The paid search part of the program is designed to reach consumers at all stages of the buying cycle, as well as drive traffic to the retailers’ sites, bring in new customers and increase brand awareness.

The Facebook advertising part of the digital program allows jewelers to get their posts in front of more consumers than a regular Facebook post, which don’t always show up in all followers’ News Feeds. 

This method also leads to “organic fan acquisition,” according to O’Neill, that builds a fan base without relying on contests or promotions.

“By using an integrated social media strategy of posts, custom content, promotions and targeted messaging, retailers who carry Pandora jewelry will be able to drive sales and see growth in their own local fan base,” O’Neill said. 

The agency said that the program has been in beta test mode for some time but is now rolling out nationwide.

Retailers will be provided with the quarterly co-op report that Fruchtman submits to Pandora, according to O’Neill, which includes information like costs per click, number of clicks to content, average paid search position and ad impressions.

It will also tell them the number of new fans acquired from Facebook advertising, which is the core factor in measuring the effectiveness of the program.

Retailers interested in participating in Pandora’s digital co-op program should send O’Neill an email at for details before the next cycle begins on April 1.