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GIA adds web features to retailer support program

March 11, 2014

The GIA has recently added a number of components to its Retailer Support Program, like this button that is available to embed to any jeweler’s website.

 New York--The Gemological Institute of America has has recently added a number of web features to its Retailer Support Program, which was designed to help jewelers educate their consumers about the four Cs and diamond grading reports.

Tools available to retailers are as follows:
--Downloadable videos. Retailers can download any of the GIA’s 11 videos to use on their own websites free of charge. They include such topics as “How to Read a GIA Grading Report” and “How to Choose a Diamond” as well as individual videos on each of the four Cs. All are available in English with select videos also available in Mandarin, Cantonese or Japanese.

--Retailer look-up. The GIA’s 4Cs app for consumers features the ability to locate retailers through a ZIP code or using the geo-locator feature on the iPhone, iPad or Android to find stores that offer GIA-graded diamonds and/or that have GIA-trained staff. Retailers can register their store here.

--Facebook tab. Retailers that have an active Facebook page for their business can add GIA’s 4Cs diamond information to their page to provide further knowledge about the stone to consumers. They can do this through the network’s iFrame application, which allows users to embed an external web page to their own Facebook page.

--Linkable graphics and images. On a similar note, companies can also embed graphics and images created by GIA onto their own website, including the 4Cs scales and diagrams and GIA Gem Encyclopedia buttons.

The downloadable retail tools are free of charge and can be found here.

In addition to the online components, GIA’s program also offers retail support for a minimal fee to be used in-store, such as counter tools, brochures and posters. They are currently offering free international standard shipping for all items included in the program through the promo code ‘FREESHIP2014.’