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Holiday décor, brought to life

By Diane Warga-Arias

December 02, 2013

Diane Warga-Arias, the Jewelry Activist, is a veteran industry communications authority whose postings can be read on

‘Tis the season for garland, menorahs, Christmas trees, lights and more sparkle as jewelers invest time, thought, and dollars into the holiday décor of their stores. The finest jewelers know holiday decorating in the luxury market must be accomplished with style and grace. Less is usually more. But more attention can be paid to sales associates. We all acknowledge that associates are the most important component of the shopping experience, but we can forget that they are also part of the décor and holiday ambiance.

Successful jewelry stores offer respites from the stress of holiday shopping, and at the same time offer inspiration for perfect gifting. Oh, how I love to be assisted by a talented associate in a luxury brand store who understands my time constraints (ensuring she can resolve my challenge in less than 10 minutes) while at the same time offers me a crystal champagne flute with calming and luxurious confidence.  Associates can not only bring your brand to life they can bring your holiday décor to life!

For years, there’s been debate as to whether associates should be allowed to wear jewelry on the sales floor. Surely, more jewelers see the benefit in doing so during this sparkling season for jewelry sales?  

#1 Dress for the holidays.
- From morning ‘til night … show time begins from the moment you open the doors.
- Everyday should be a holiday event in your store, not just Saturdays.
- Weekends can be formal, but every day: dress for a holiday gathering.
- Consider everyone wearing black using jewelry as the color, excitement and focus.

#2 Consider the styles of associates as living inspirations.
 - Classic women in black, with strands of pearls and pearl stud earrings
- Contemporary woman wearing layers of colored gemstone jewelry
- Romantics wearing whimsical dresses with delicate or vintage jewelry selections
- Avant-garde women wearing the boldest gold or the most adventurous designs
- Dramatic chic women who are likely wearing red, with big diamond statements
- Men with French cuffs, wearing cufflinks that excite and watches that promote conversation

#3 Mix it up.
You don’t want everyone wearing classic, because even your most classic, styled customers have young family members that they will want to confidently gift.

#4 Consider floor models that represent the various styles and also serve warm ciders or sparkling water; they can also assist with gift wrapping.  

#5 Remember, every person in your environment will either contribute to the ambiance or detract from the magic!