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JVC program reviews online ads for compliance

February 06, 2014

New York--The Jewelers Vigilance Committee has introduced a new program that reviews jewelers’ online advertisements to ensure they comply with federal laws.

Called the Internet Advertising Monitoring Program, it allows the JVC staff to review a broad range of content from both national and local online banner ads, which they then evaluate for compliance with various laws that apply to the advertising of jewelry, including those imposed by the Federal Trade Commission.

If a jeweler’s ad is found to be in violation, JVC staff will work with them to correct it.

The JVC board created the program in response to a request made by its membership via an online survey conducted last year.

“Correcting advertising that runs counter to legal standards will ensure a level playing field and will improve the industry’s image on the Internet,” JVC President and CEO Cecilia Gardner said, adding that the program “benefits the industry as a whole.”

The announcement of JVC’s new program follows publication of a column in National Jeweler by JVC’s Assistant General Counsel Sara Yood, where she discussed “native advertising,” paid content that looks nearly identical to editorial content. In her article, Yood said that these types of ads are under scrutiny by the FTC and explains how retailers can make sure their online ads are distinguishable from editorial content.
Questions regarding the Internet Advertising Monitoring Program can be directed to Yood at or 212-997-2002.