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Jewelers Mutual shares holiday shipping tips

December 02, 2013

Neenah, Wis.--Jewelers can learn how to avoid costly shipping losses in less than two minutes thanks to a new video created by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.

The video, called “Ship Jewelry Safely and Securely,” is a teaching tool that offers five tips on shipping to avoid losses. The tips offered are as follows.

1. Layer the merchandise packing for protection. Start with a small container, wrap it in bubble wrap and put it inside a small box, which goes inside a larger, unmarked shipping box. Larger boxes are less likely to be thrown away, lost in the shuffle or stolen.

2. Use packing material and heavy-duty shipping tape to seal the large box. Make sure it’s packed tight to avoid damage in transit.

3. Abbreviate or disguise the return address and the recipient’s business name. Never reveal the contents of the package, nor its connection to the jewelry industry, on the label or package. The correct address and a tracking number are all that’s needed.

4. Always request a signature upon delivery. Log the shipment, its value, the carrier, tracking number and recipient in a log book and understand the insurance coverage before shipping.

5. Never use a drop box or delivery service to send packages. Schedule a pick-up with the carrier or personally take it to the shipping center and watch it be scanned in and obtain a receipt with a tracking number.

Jewelers Mutual’s entire video can be viewed here.

The video is a component of Jewelers Mutual’s new loss prevention tips on its Safety and Security page, an online resource that breaks down effective loss prevention strategies into weekly tips and information that is easy for jewelry business owners and managers to share with employees.

“We decided to launch this new Safety and Security page with a shipping video because, frankly, you would indeed be shocked by the number of insurance claims that result from shipping losses. Losses like these are preventable,” said David Sexton, vice president of loss prevention at Jewelers Mutual. “We know jewelry professionals are extremely busy people at this time of year, so we created this quick reminder which they can share with their staff and colleagues in just two minutes.”