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Supplier News: Forevermark, Midas Chain, more

May 15, 2014

Sarine Technologies is offering a new loupe that creates a digital file of the diamond being inspected.

New York--Forevermark has teamed with Precision Set to launch “Pure,” an exclusive collection that will debut at the JCK show in Las Vegas.

The collection features 37 pieces, including new designs from Precision Set. The line is comprised of engagement rings, wedding bands, line bracelets, classic studs and fashion jewelry, and each piece features Forevermark Hearts and Arrows diamonds.

The line is designed to complement Forevermark’s new Promise campaign, also launching at the JCK show, which promotes classic, diamond-focused designs, the brand said.

Midas Chain releases new catalog
Jewelry manufacturer Midas Chain has released its 2014/2015 catalog, which features more than 300 pages of gold and sterling silver jewelry and a range of basics for jewelers.

New styles in the catalog include earrings, bracelets, chains and rings, and collections include East2West, LightZ, NFL, 4YR Spirit, Crystal Persuasions and Midas Gold & Silver.

For a free catalog contact Midas Chain at 877-643-2765 or email

Sarine launches new loupe
Sarine Technologies has introduced the Sarine Loupe, which creates a 3-D digital file of a diamond that can be rotated freely in all directions, zoomed in on, and thoroughly inspected.

The file can be shared digitally throughout various platforms, eliminating the need to travel with stock.

It is currently offered to Indian diamond manufacturers and wholesalers, with a full commercial launch projected for the third quarter, the company said.

Demos of the loupe can be seen here and here. Additional information can be found by contacting Sarine at

New laser assists with branding
PhotoScribe Technologies is now offering its LMF-30 fiber laser, which is easy and flexible, the company said.

The laser features a red diode that eliminates positioning and alignment mistakes and shows the boundary of the marking field or the projected image. It can inscribe text, maker’s and metal hallmarks, barcodes, logos and numbers on small items, including earring posts.

The laser does not require special training, PhotoScribe said, and comes with marking software that has the capability to mark any file, with a user-friendly interface that works with all Windows operating systems.

For additional information contact PhotoScribe at or 800-746-8672.

Wire cutter has built-in retainer
Xuron Corp. has created the Model 9100F Oval Head Wire Cutter for jewelry making that employs bypass cutting to produce a clean, square cut with a built-in cut wire retainer for convenience and safety.

The retainer prevents cut wire from flying around a jeweler’s work area, which is safer for the jeweler and means excess wire won’t get lost. The cutter is designed for soft wire up to 1.2 mm thick.

In addition, the Model 9100F requires half the force of conventional compression-style cutters, which can deform a wire.

The cutter retails for $25.50 and is available by contacting Xuron at 207-283-1401 or by emailing Abby Robey,

Editor's note: This article was corrected May 20 to clarify the fact that the Pure collection will feature new designs by Precision Set using Forevermark diamonds. The new designs are not from Forevermark.