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Three arrested in home invasion of NY jeweler

August 27, 2014

Greece, N.Y.--Local news sources are reporting that police in the small town of Greece have arrested three men in connection with an Aug. 7 home invasion involving a local jewelry store employee.

13WHAM News, an ABC affiliate, reported that 29-year-old Thomas Pryor of Spencerport, N.Y, Qzay Clark, 28, of Farmington, N.Y., and 23-year-old Alexander Kates of Rochester, N.Y. were arrested Aug. 19. 

They face charges of kidnapping, assault, criminal use of a firearm, robbery, burglary and grand larceny for allegedly holding a jewelry store manager, his wife and their adult son hostage at the family’s home overnight then stealing their car in the morning to go rob the store. 

Greece Police Chief Patrick Phelan told 13WHAM News that the facts of the case indicate that the crime was “fairly well planned”--meaning it is likely the suspects had been watching the jeweler and his family for some time--and that they believe the three suspects arrested were the only ones involved. 

He also said that police have recovered some of the jewelry stolen during the robbery. 

Greece police did not respond to request for comment on the case but another report from 13WHAM stated that the three suspects pleaded not guilty in Greece court on Aug. 20.