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Tech bytes: Companies focus on revamping sites

April 22, 2014

New York--A slew of new websites for companies including the International Gemological Institute, Mastoloni and Frederic Duclos are among the recent web developments in the industry.

The website of the International Gemological Institute has been updated friendly and visually appealing experience for both trade and consumer visitors.

Rotating homepage banners highlight new photography, and the revamped pages detail the IGI’s range of report options. The overall aesthetic of the site has been modernized, the IGI said, and offers enriched navigation features.

Customers also can now enter their report numbers in the search field to retrieve certifications.

In addition, the site provides a comprehensive overview of IGI’s gemological educational offerings, including course details and supporting illustrations. A trade show calendar on the website is updated regularly and displays all IGI-relevant events.


Mastoloni has launched its redesigned website, which aims to provide users with a seamless, streamlined browsing experience for both consumer and retail partner visitors.

The site now features “ultra-responsive social marketing architecture,” meaning clicking on a social media icon allows visitors to share their Mastoloni interests via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google.

A “wishlist” feature allows consumers and Mastoloni retailers to connect. Registered consumer visitors can create a running list of items they’re interested in and share it with friends and family, with the option to send that wish list to a local authorized retailer.

Retail partners can visit the wholesale portal to view current pricing, order history and status and place orders.


Frederic Duclos resigned its website s focus on giving stores the marketing tools they need to showcase its jewelry, the company said.

The website now features new videos, a look book, recent press coverage and a retail locator, as well as links to the brand’s Facebook and Pinterest pages.

In addition, the wholesale portion of the site has been updated to include downloadable advertisements, an online ordering platform and a library of images.


This spring, JewelPop also will launch a redesigned website for its interchangeable jewelry line, Kameleon.

The new website will allow retailers to more easily order using a “quick click” process, as well as a new segment of the site where they can download information and marketing materials.

A shopping section of the site has been set up for consumers with more images of each product and a user-friendly filtering option. Kameleon’s “Design Your Own” app on the site will be enhanced to allow users to create designs on mobile devices, share them on social media platforms and purchase directly from the site.

In addition, the site’s “Mahjong” game will be redesigned to allow for mobile play, social media integration and the added bonus of more prizes.