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Hawk has other plans for MO jeweler’s billboard

July 03, 2014

St. Louis--One Missouri jeweler is dealing with its own angry bird, and it isn’t just a game. 

Simons Jewelers in St. Louis has a billboard in the city and sent outdoor signage crews to swap out the current image featuring a Rolex display to a new product at the end of May.

But a hawk that had made a nest at the top of the sign had other plans. 

When the workers arrived at the sign, the hawk was less than happy with their presence. Not wanting to upset or even attempt to relocate the bird, the store decided to let it be.

A little research from the company also revealed that hawks are, in fact, a protected species. According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, they fall under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act as well as the Endangered Species Act.

The latest update from Simons is that the eggs have hatched, though they have no idea how long it will take the birds to vacate the nest.

Until then, the store will enjoy helping provide a place for this rare bird and her babies, it said.

“We’re just going to let nature take its course and enjoy the fact that we’ve played a small part in helping a protected species,” said owner Simon Katz. “Once all the chicks and the parents have left the nest, we’ll change that billboard. But for right now, it stays right where it is.”