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How much does doing business cost your store?

April 16, 2014

New York--Jewelers of America is asking retailers to complete its annual Cost of Doing Business survey, which opened Monday and can be taken online here.

The survey, which JA is asking retailers to complete by May 12, will be used to craft the 2014 Cost of Doing Business report, a benchmarking tool for the industry that allows retailers to compare and contrast their performance with that of their peers across the country.

It is the only survey of its kind in the industry and can be taken directly online. Jewelers also can download an Excel document or printable PDF on this website, which can then be mailed or emailed to JA.

Retailers who complete the Cost of Doing Business survey receive a customized Performance Analysis Report with comprehensive comparisons of their financial data against industry averages that help them identify how to improve store performance and profits. They also receive a free copy of the 2014 Cost of Doing Business report, which is priced at $199.95, when it is published later this year.

In addition, this year JA is giving away a total of $2,000 in cash incentives during the four-week survey period, with one participant selected at random to win $500 each week. Participants must submit a completed survey via mail, email or online between now and May 12 to be entered to win.

“It is vital that jewelers of all shapes and sizes take the time to complete the survey so we can continue to develop this profit-enhancing resource. This year there are even more incentives for retailers to participate, which we hope will lead to a record number of participants,” said JA President and CEO Dave Bonaparte.

JA published the results of the 2013 Cost of Doing Business survey, which examined financial data from 2012, in October.

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The survey showed that overall, retailers’ sales rose 5 percent in 2012 as compared with 2011.