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Brazil gem show now ‘Fair at the Source’

February 11, 2014

Teófilo Otoni, Brazil--In an attempt to spark interest in Brazilian gems, the country’s Gem Export Association is rebranding its international gem trade show and relaunching it this summer.

Previously known as FIPP, the show will now be called The Fair at the Source and is scheduled to take place July 15 to 19 in Teófilo Otoni, the country’s gem trading capital.

The Gem Export Association also said that side programs are currently being planned, including events such as a mine tour and lectures on current production status. More details will be announced in the coming months, the association said. 

“Brazil steps into the international spotlight with the World Soccer Championships (World Cup). With the Olympic Games following shortly after in 2016, we are launching a program to rebuild international interest in Brazilian gems. Our first step is rebranding and promoting the annual international gem fair,” said Gem Export Association President Edimilson Pereira.

“We want to attract a lively contingent of international buyers in 2014 and beyond. Brazil’s international visibility over the coming years offers a unique merchandising opportunity for buyers and jewelers.”

The company also noted that they are trying out a new program designed specifically with foreign buyers in mind, though they were not available to provide specifics by press time.

Since the inaugural show was held in 1991, thousands of foreign visitors have attended to take advantage of source prices and to build relationships with Brazilian exporters of rough and polished gems, collection pieces and precious gems, according to the association.

The rebranding of the trade show is the first in a series of announcements intended to reinvigorate interest from foreign buyers in Brazilian goods, with more news announcements to follow.