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New site gives consumers jewelry insight

March 11, 2014

The Stone Set, which was two years in the making, officially debuted on Monday.

New York--Two digital consultants have launched a website that explores the world of jewelry through the eyes of different players in the industry. allows visitors to peruse jewelry via the viewpoints of jewelers, collectors, brands and stores. The website launched Monday.

Founders Jenna Fain and Emerald Carroll, who met working in the digital media division at Coach, told Women’s Wear Daily that they wanted to create a space dedicated to jewelry editorial and exploring the history behind jewelry.

The Stone Set is divided into four categories: jewelers, collectors, vault and facets. The “jewelers” tab gives visitors an inside look into designers’ creative processes, while “collectors” shares personal stories behind pieces owned by individuals, including models and bloggers.

The “vault” category gives readers access into the archives of iconic brands and stories. David Webb is the first jeweler to be featured on the site.

In the “facets” tab readers can find topical content, such as essays and articles, as well as the website’s “On the Rocks” feature where Carroll and Fain talk with other collectors and personalities about their favorite cocktail.

While The Stone Set has no e-commerce platform, WWD said the website will aim to bring in revenue through advertising partnerships and custom campaigns. Bergdorf Goodman is the ad launch partner for the site’s debut month, which is March, and in turn The Stone Set will prominently feature jewelers carried at the high-end department store.