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Daily News

Breaking news for the jewelry and watch industry from the industry's premier news source, plus market analysis stories, retailer profiles, fashion reports, exclusive data, expert advice.

Diamond News

From happenings at the world's diamond mines and key trading markets to details on the type of diamond jewelry that is selling at the retail counter, our Diamonds newsletter has the scoop from points all along the diamond pipeline.

Majors News

The Majors, aimed at high-volume jewelry buyers, contains the latest on the industry's biggest names-like Zale Corp. and Sterling Jewelers-plus data, research and details on bigger-picture issues.

Metals & Gemstone News

This newsletter focuses on a specific colored gemstone and a specific metal each month, covering pricing trends, supply and demand factors, and the latest jewelry designs in each.

May and November
From profiles on dealers to features on special pieces, this newsletter covers the antique and estate jewelry market from the viewpoint of the dealers and jewelers who sell the category

Digital Magazine

Provides readers in-depth articles about the business of jewelry. From market analysis to emerging fashion trends, the digital magazine covers the important industry topics independent retailers need to understand.  

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