Navneet Gems Launches Salt-and-Pepper Sapphires

SourcingJul 10, 2024

Navneet Gems Launches Salt-and-Pepper Sapphires

Sourced from Tanzania, the stones feature a unique hematite inclusion.

Navneet Gems salt & pepper sapphires
Navneet Gems & Minerals is now offering salt-and-pepper sapphires from the Songea region in Tanzania, which come in various colors, including yellow, green, and teal.
Bangkok—Navneet Gems & Minerals has launched a wholesale collection of salt-and-pepper sapphires from the Songea region in Tanzania.  

The sapphires’ color distinction comes from visible inclusions in the stone, similar to salt-and-pepper diamonds. 

They are sourced globally with notable deposits in Australia and Sri Lanka, said the Thailand-based manufacturer, but those from Tanzania have a similar color profile to Montana sapphires and a clear black inclusion from hematite minerals inside the gem.  

“Salt-and-pepper teal sapphires featuring eye-visible pepper inclusions are exclusively found in Tanzania,” said Navneet Agarwal, sales and marketing manager of Navneet Gems & Minerals. 

The manufacturers’ offering is comprised of 100 to 150 singles stones, both calibrated and fancy shapes. 

The gemstones range between 0.5 and 2 carats and are available in commercial and finer qualities. They come in various colors including yellow, green, and teal. 

Agarwal sees the inclusions as unique characteristics of the stone, rather than undesirable flaws, citing copper inclusions seen in some Brazilian Paraíba tourmalines and zircon crystals that can appear in Sri Lankan spinel. 

“These delicate speckles of black and gray in sapphires serve as unique markers of their growth and origin,” he said. 

“Typically, inclusions weaken a stone when originating from within. However, a single stunning pepper inclusion can enhance the stone's aesthetic appeal without compromising its structural integrity.” 

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The manufacturer said it seeks to utilize all qualities of gemstones from a deposit.  

“From a sustainability standpoint, if we go by this standard that inclusions decrease the value of the stone, most of the rough mined would be rejected. We strongly feel this is a huge waste of resources, time, and effort,” said Agarwal. 

Agarwal adds, “It is precisely these imperfections that add to their striking beauty and value.” 

The increasing value of ethical sourcing to modern buyers is generating an appreciation for previously overlooked gemstone variants and a shift in the conventional valuation of gemstones, said Navneet Gems & Minerals.  

The company said maintaining consistent supply in Tanzania has been a challenge in the past, but it has material for now. 

“In 2024, everyone is searching for something distinctive—something that can be quantified and sold in larger quantities consistently. We have sourced enough material directly from the mines, which can be sold for several years as we want to provide our clients consistent supply. What happens afterwards would not be in our hands, but depends on how much the earth is producing,” said Agarwal.  

Tanzania, with its active government participation in promoting sustainability in its gemstone industry, has potential to establish an ethical mine-to-market chain, according to Navneet Gems. 

The company said it is also “committed to addressing the challenge of reporting the full chain of custody, anticipating a rising demand for this transparency feature.” 

Founded by Suresh Agarwal in 1993, Navneet Gems & Minerals is led today by his son Navneet Agarwal and headquartered in Bangkok. 

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