By Hannah Connorton

Western boot brand Tony Lama Boots is celebrating 100 years of business this year, and to commemorate the event will be taking on tour a fourth-edition El Ray pair of bedazzled boots--the shoes are covered in 100 diamonds and 14-karat gold buckles (below).

Susan Eisen, an El Paso jeweler, goldsmith, author, gemologist, designer and embellisher of the boots, said it was an honor “to show how the art of diamonds and gold can help celebrate momentous occasions.”


The boots are made from fine grade leather and feature gold leather accents and soles, large yellow gold buckles and shields, and studs of yellow gold and diamond bezels and stars. Valued at more than $50,000, the boots will be on display at U.S. western specialty retail stores and brand events throughout 2011.

Boots aren’t the only thing getting a luxury makeover. DKNY Fragranced partnered with jeweler Martin Katz to create the first million-dollar fragrance bottle (below), an apple-shaped flacon carved from 14-karat yellow and white gold and adorned with 2,700 round brilliant white diamonds, 183 golden yellow sapphires and a 2-carat flawless vivid yellow canary diamond, decorating the cap of the bottle.


That’s not all. The apple fragrance bottle sits on a base comprised of two layers of water white glass, between which the 14-karat gold continents of Earth are set with precious gemstones indigenous to each country. A turquoise tourmaline from Brazil, a sapphire from Sri Lanka and a pink diamond from Australia are included in the base.


The bottle is scheduled to go on a worldwide tour, and at the tour’s conclusion the flacon will be sold with net proceeds being donated to the global charity Action Against Hunger (AAA). AAA works to supply communities with access to safe drinking water and sustainable solutions to hunger, carrying out life-saving programs in more than 40 countries and assisting close to 5 million people a year. 

What’s the most unique item you’ve seen decorated in jewels?

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