This week in New York, De Beers held a “pop-up” sale for its Forevermark diamond brand in conjunction with GiltCity and Long Island couture retailer London Jewelers.

For those of you who don’t know, pop-up events are a trendy new type of sale held by a specific brand that take place in a random space (not the brand’s store) for a short period of time (in Forevermark’s case, one day) and then disappear as quickly as they popped up.

GiltCity Forevemark event

Members of GiltCity, a private sale site that focuses on selling tickets to events and experiences in 10 major metropolitan areas worldwide, purchased tickets to the Forevermark pop-up party for $35. Once there, GiltCity members took the Forevermark Diamond Masterclass, which I took in London, and then had the chance to browse and shop the brand. 

So, just who is De Beers reaching by going through GiltCity? The young, upwardly mobile, potential self-purchasers every retailer should be trying to get into their store.

According to Gilt demographics provided to National Jeweler, the average age of their customer is 20 to 39 and the gender breakdown is 70 percent female/30 percent male. A whopping 70 percent of those using the site have a household income of $100,000 a year or more.

It’s the perfect group to introduce to diamond jewelry and the perfect way to engage them: through a private sale site offering a limited-time event, both of which are extremely popular right now.

De Beers may no longer be the biggest diamond company in the world anymore but the firm that came up with “A Diamond Is Forever” still knows a thing or two about marketing.

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