By Hannah Connorton

Designer Nora Logan has created Pure Dead Brilliant, a collection of jewelry that fuses elements of culture from around the world into inspiration and design.

Nora has spent her life in major cities such as Hong Kong, London, and New York, and now lives in Bali. Using sterling silver, gold vermeil and brass, she’s taken the energy and pulse of these cities and transformed it into innovative jewelry that plays off originality and fun.

One of the most notable designs in pdb’s current collection are the Vespa pieces, an iconic image in the international transportation world and to Nora, a symbol of those who brave the streets, from one continent to another. The jeweler’s Zein earrings (below) are made in silver, gold vermeil and brass, retailing for $125, $155 and $88, respectively.


The collection’s transportation theme doesn’t limit itself to modern vehicles, either – pdb’s Steamboat Gilley necklace (below) pays homage the golden age of river traffic; the jewelry is available in silver ($250), gold vermeil ($275) and brass (price not specified). A fun addition to the necklace? The paddlewheels actually turn!


My favorite pieces in the collection are among those emblazoned with English and French expressions, especially the Chanja ring (below), a two-finger ring boasting the phrase “Yeah Buddy,” on the top’s flat surface. The ring marries the elegance of jewelry with a laid-back phrase that spans across continents, as I found while speaking with Nora--both our groups of friends are fond of the idiom, despite us inhabiting different continents.

The Griffa Hoops (below) are just a lot of fun – large hoop earrings with “Slug Life” stamped on the front and back. Inspired by the vivacity or sluggishness that lies within us, these earrings are made in silver or gold vermeil and retail for $130 and $175, respectively.


I’m very excited to see where Nora takes her future collections, based on her global perspective and the creativity illustrated in her current line. Check it all out at

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