By Michelle Graff
At this year's Vegas trade shows, I was falling for luminous gemstones such as moonstone and labradorite, but lately, it's a more unassuming gem that has captured my attention.


At JA New York, I picked up a pair of beaded jade bracelets (above), not thinking much of the stones themselves, but rather imagining that they would be great pieces for layering with items already in my jewelry box, including thread bracelets accented with tiny charms and a long leather wrap bracelet.

I don't know whether the buy opened my eyes to jade, or if designers have recently found new inspiration in the stone, but it's probably a bit of both. Soon after I scooped up my beaded bracelets, a couple of unique, beautifully designed jade pieces caught my eye.


Check out these jade earrings above from designer Lina Rimor, worn by 90210 actress Jessica Lowndes at the Aug. 28 Art of Elysium event in Hollywood. Photos of celebrities wearing jewelry fill up my inbox all day long, but when this one arrived, I did a double-take. The bright green simply pops, and the carved stone juxtaposed with the diamonds and gold make for an interesting interplay of textures.

The earrings retail for $4,100. For more from the designer, visit

I've also lately been super impressed by jade pieces from Chinese designer Yilin Choo, who's currently based in Thailand and designs under the brand Choo Yilin Artisan Jewellery. When I met her during JA New York, Choo explained to me that jade has a special place in Chinese culture and is believed by many to have almost mythical qualities. For the designer, it was important to integrate old-world Chinese culture with her own interpretation of modern luxury.

Take a look at these pieces below (click right on any of the images for a closer look). The bangles are among my favorite of Choo's designs. I think they're a clear example of her viewpoint in combining tradition and modernity.


Grade-A jadeite bangles woven with hammered vermeil strips and studded with silver dew drops and green and blue sapphires and tanzanite; suggested retail price is $353 each.


Grade-A jadeite bangle converted to a large pendant and accented with six gemstones set in hammered silver; suggested retail price is $480.


Grade-A jadeite rings with marquise-cut amethysts; suggested retail price is $206.

For more from the designer, visit

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