Last year, when I was running around looking at wedding dresses, I started to get sticker shock pretty early on.

So when I heard about the runway debut of a 500K gown, I was more than a little surprised, especially given the current trend of inconspicuous consumption. The figure is a hard one to fathom. I’m thinking that’ll buy a single-family house or cover four years of college tuition for more than a few kids.

WeddingDress But anyways, a six-digit price tag on a wedding gown does indeed exist. Last month, Platinum Guild International USA announced the debut of the “Platinum Wedding Gown,” a collaboration between wedding planner David Tutera and jewelry designer Erica Courtney.

The one-of-a-kind gown is valued at $501,640, and it’s not just a showpiece, as I was imagining a six-figure gown must be. It’s available for sale at New York City retailer Michael C. Fina.

So what is it that six figures buys?

The gown is ornamented with 10 feet of platinum chain, 33 carats of diamonds, 158.84 carats of aquamarine, plus white keshi pearls and a white South Sea pearl pendant suspended from platinum.

The dress also features a platinum-colored tulle veil and bouquet to match, and is accentuated with a sweetheart neckline and cascading white roses down the front.

Though the bride might only get to wear the dress for a single day, perhaps the consolation lies in the jewelry. Post-wedding, she’ll have a whole lot of it to hold onto and wear again and again.

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