By Michelle Graff

Last Thursday, I trekked my happy, east-side self over to Manhattan’s west side for the Diamond Information Center’s annual diamond jewelry showcase extravaganza.
There were many pieces I wanted to take home (but won’t, as their price tag well outstrips my meager budget) and I thought the theme of this year’s event was extremely clever.
Titled “A Life in Diamonds,” the display took visitors through the milestone moments that may mark a woman’s life, from Sweet Sixteen to marriage to baby and so on.
Obviously, every woman’s life doesn’t follow this exact path, as some woman may (understandably so) never opt to get married, have children, etc., but the display does make a good point: There are many times in a woman’s life she can celebrate milestones, or simply herself, with a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry.
While it’s hard for me to pinpoint one favorite piece, I would have to say that I loved seeing black-diamond rings from one of my favorite designers, New York-based Catherine Angiel, who is both a fantastic artist and a cool person.
You can check out her designs here.
Personally, I am up in the air when it comes to engagement rings.
I understand the ring symbolizing the never-ending love and commitment between two people and I definitely would want to wear some kind of ring indicating that I was in such a relationship.
But I’m not fully convinced the woman needs an engagement ring and that she couldn’t just have a wedding band instead, saving her fiancé a lot of money that could be spent on other things, like a house or a trip.
I do know though if I did get one — a decision that isn’t just up to me, though I would have to say my current boyfriend makes marriage seem much more appealing than any of my exes — I wouldn’t go the traditional white diamond route and would opt for one of Angiel’s black diamond rings instead.
It’s just more me.

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