By Michelle Graff
For the last two years, I’ve
sat in on Enlightened--Swarovski Elements’ trends presentation during the Las
Vegas jewelry shows to find out what four “megatrends” its forecasters believe
will be the most likely to influence fine-jewelry design in the next year.

Being a pretty visual person, reading about trends under
the categories of “GEMetic” and “D.Fraction” (among last year’s themes) can leave me at a loss, so while running around the Vegas shows, I make it a point
to beeline to Swarovski’s booth and check out the designs in person.

If you didn’t get a chance to
stop by, here’s a quick visual primer and key characteristics for the four jewelry trends for 2010:

False Nudity: transparency,
airiness and light


Left: “Madame” ring in 18-karat
gold with quartz and black spinel from Jean-Marc Garel of Jean-Marc Garel

Center: Pendant in 18-karat white gold with synthetic spinel aquamarine and golden yellow, white, pink and green cubic zirconia by Somnath Paul of Ba Ali Est.

Right: Earrings in 18-karat gold with pink sapphire and Swarovski Elements "Passion Topaz Infinite Blue" and "Complexion" by Silvania.

Oversized Games:  sculptural, theatrical, stylized
interpretations of nature

Left: Design in 925 silver and
enamel with cubic zirconia and marcasite from Pichet Chaiprasit of Pochai

Center: Ring with blue-black sapphire in 18-karat gold by Hannah Martin.

Right: "Spheres" necklace in 18-karat gold with ruby by Roberto Demeglio.

Pure Chaos: drapery, random
imperfections, layering

Left: Necklace in 925 silver with amethyst,
synthetic ruby and synthetic spinel zircon by Nancy Edwards.

Center: Ring in brass with citrine by Claudia Holledge.

Right: Bracelet in 18-karat gold and enamel with Swarovski Elements' "Chaos" cut in white cubic zirconia, "ZenNeo" cut in synthetic spinel aquamarine and mint cubic zirconia by Divinder Layal of Sangam Chains.

Divine Chimeras: mismatched
materials, fantasy, escapism


Left: “Fairyland in Rome” cuff in 18-karat
gold with blue sapphire, amethyst, rhodolite and amethyst briolette by Michael
Yang of Goldmill Jewelry.

Center: "Garden Goddess 'Divinity of Nature'" in 18-karat green gold and solid cast art bronze with ruby and gemstones in various colors by Barry Kieselstein-Cord of Barry Kieselstein-Cord International.

Right: Nano-ceramic and stainless steel watch with diamonds by Ching Kin Sang of Corning Technologies Ltd.

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