I don't know what to think of
the economy anymore.

It goes without saying that
as of right now, the world is in the midst of a recession that's comparable to
the Great Depression.

But just how bad is it? And
how long will it last?

It seems that there have been
some cause for a bit of optimism lately.

While this survey is still
far from optimistic, the latest data from the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council,
shows that consumers were slightly less pessimistic in February and bought a
little bit more jewelry (probably due to Valentine’s Day).

The latest report from the National Retail Federation, which you can read here, wasn't completely depressing either.

And, as I write this blog, The New York Times has posted this story detailing
how an uptick in housing starts made the Federal Reserve's Open Market
Committee feel a bit warm and fuzzy.

Will the coming of spring
also thaw out our frosty economy? Is a recovery in the early part of the
summer, or a bit later this year, too much to hope for?

Billionaire investment genius Warren Buffett certainly seems to think so.

And the latest unemployment data is a huge cause for

So, the question remains: Are
things starting to get a little bit better or is the worst yet to come?

If I had the answer, I bet
I'd be almost as wealthy as Warren Buffett.


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