By Michelle Graff

The National Jeweler Network posted an article earlier this month about the large tax rebate checks everyone is getting this year. The article mentioned that those 18 through 24 years old will spend more of their checks than any other age group.

Reading about this made me start asking my friends, who are all around 21 to 25, what they are doing with their checks this year. I learned three things:

One, many people between the ages of 18-24 don't do their own taxes and have no clue when they will get their tax refund checks, let alone how much they will be getting.

Two, most of my friends are a bunch of old stogies who are putting their money into savings or IRAs, paying off loans or using the money for bills.

Three, my friends are a bunch of liars. Yes. That is right. Liars. They are putting up a fake front to impress their parents.

Several of these friends, after telling me about putting the money into their Roth IRA, then had the nerve to ask me, "so are you up for shopping this weekend? I need to get new boots sooooo bad." So much for savings. By saying they are putting the money into a more "respectful" place, such as a savings account, my friends are bypassing any guilt they would receive from their parents for the shopping sprees they will, in fact, be going on in the next few months.

Only one friend had the guts to come clean about her plans for this year's tax refund: "I am for sure going shopping. Maybe you can help me?"

Well, I for one am not afraid to admit that I plan on putting that money to good use by getting myself something nice and pretty to last me until next year's refund.

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