By Hannah Connorton
The mixture of yellow, white and pink gold is what initially made this design concept unfavorable for Bulgari. More than a decade later, the Italian brand’s designers are labeling it the “perfect mistake.”

Back in 1999, Bulgari wanted to develop a new ring that would serve as the piece of jewelry with which to ring in the millennium.

After creating three prototypes, the designers settled on the first, a solid yellow gold ring, as the brand’s jewel for the year 2000. This ring served as the start of Bulgari’s “B.zero1” collection, launched in 1999 with the millennium ring’s aesthetic serving as a foundation for the line.

End of story? Not quite.

The second prototype made back in 1999 was that same ring but infused with three different colors of gold: yellow, white and pink. At the time, the brand’s designers didn’t believe it was the right design to move forward with, but didn’t discard it completely as they found the metal mixture beautiful.

Now, Bulgari is moving forward with that second prototype--referring to it as the “perfect mistake”--and have created an extension of the B.zero1 line offering pieces made in 18-karat yellow, white and pink gold.

What’s more, that third prototype, a ring stretched very thin, is the inspiration behind the bangles in the B.zero1 line extension.

These new B.zero1 line launched this month at Bulgari stores and on the brand’s website; check out nine pieces from the collection below.

20160218 Bulgari-Rings
The B.zero1 rings, in 18-karat pink, white and yellow gold (left) and 18-karat pink and white gold ($2,220 each)

20160218 Bulgari-Bangles
The B.zero1 bangles, in 18-karat pink gold with diamonds ($13,800) and 18-karat white gold with diamonds ($13,900)

20160218 Bulgari-Necklaces
The B.zero1 necklaces are available in 18-karat pink and white gold (left) and 18-karat pink, white and yellow gold ($3,000 each). 
20160218 Bulgari-Bangles-2

The B.zero1 bangles also come in a lower-priced, diamond-less style, in 18-karat white ($6,400) yellow ($6,300) and rose gold ($6,200).


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