By Tamera Adams

When it comes to shopping with the opposite sex, bear in mind that techniques and priorities vary. Women glide into stores and peruse the aisles, while their men trudge in, take a quick survey, estimate how long they're going to be there and look for a seat—except when shopping in Sears.

Robert Price, a member of the advisory board of Wharton's Jay H. Baker Retail Initiative, said men go to Sears, buy a specific tool and leave. His theory on how men shop, which appears in the Reuters Shop Talk blog, is based on a study from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School in conjunction with Toronto consulting firm the Verde Group.

The study concludes that women are from Nordstrom, and men are from Sears. We're gatherers. They're hunters. We want interaction with store employees. They want a parking space near the entrance.

So how can you shop for the holiday season together? Sorry fellas, I can't give you any suggestions for fear they'll ultimately be used against me. But ladies, you can give these a try:

• Pack his favorite magazines and he'll be too engrossed in what he's reading to realize you've been in the same department for two hours.

• Divide your shopping list and go your separate ways. But after an hour, turn your cell phone off because he'll be finished and looking for you.

• For every four stores you visit, go to a store he likes—probably Brookstone or Sears—to break up the monotony.

• Intermittently visit a Victoria's Secret or the lingerie section of a department store. It may keep him interested and convinced that this shopping trip might prove to be time well spent.

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