By Brecken Branstrator
I know this gemstone doesn’t need much of an introduction. Emeralds are among the most coveted and most expensive stones, dating back to ancient times.

In fact, the earliest recorded emerald mining activity was in Egypt in 330 B.C., and the green beryl’s popularity hasn’t dwindled since.

But, here’s something you might not know: Ancients believed that the emerald could empower the owner with the gift of foresight. It’s also thought to bring good fortune and youth.

Emerald is the perfect gem for spring, with both its green shade and the season making us think of renewal, growth and new possibilities. In fact, the inclusions in an emerald often are described as looking like moss or foliage and sometimes are called jardin, French for garden and another reference that ties this beloved gemstone to the spring season.

Here are 10 emerald jewels in a range of price points for the lucky May babies. (Prices listed are retail.)

20160502 Gabriel-Co
Gabriel & Co.’s 14-karat white gold emerald and diamond necklace ($365)
20160502 Logan-Hollowell
These are Logan Hollowell’s 14-karat gold crown bezel emerald studs ($1,475).
20160502 Graziela-Gems
Graziela Gems’ baby emerald baguette band ring with diamonds in 18-karat white gold ($1,620)

20160502 Stuller
Stuller’s 14-karat white gold, emerald and diamond necklace ($2,262)

20160502 Finn
Finn’s five-leaf emerald bracelet in 18-karat yellow gold ($3,250)

20160502 Simon-G
This 18-karat white gold ring from Simon G features five emeralds accented with diamonds ($3,740).
20160502 Beth-Miller
Beth Miller’s five-stone emerald earrings surrounded by pave diamonds and set in 14-karat yellow gold ($4,695)
20160502 Sylva-and-Cie
These studs from Sylva & Cie feature emerald slices with diamond accents in 18-karat yellow gold ($6,500).

20160502 Yoss-Harari
Yossi Harari’s lace pave cuff features diamond and emerald accents with one cushion-cut Gemfields emerald weighing 3.74 carats in 18-karat gold and black rhodium ($63,600).
20160502 Jane-Taylor
Jane Taylor’s one-of-a-kind tassel earrings in 18-karat yellow gold feature blue sapphires, yellow diamonds, aquamarine, champagne diamonds, emerald baguettes and 15.05 carats total of emerald sugarloaf cabochons ($132,000).

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