Based on the results of a survey conducted by Big Research, Stores Magazine created the Favorite 50, a list of the most frequently used online retailers. Of course, the study tells us who's on top in e-tailing, but it also provides insight into consumer-behavior patterns.

I wasn't surprised to see Amazon, eBay and Wal-Mart occupying the top three spots on the list, but I definitely didn't expect Google to weigh in at number nine. According to the article, the survey results showed that the respondents know the difference between a search engine and an online retailer; however, they use Google Ads to shop.

Forty-three percent regularly use search engines for pre-purchase research. After learning about a product from a manufacturer or third party, many consumers use search engines to price-comparison shop.

Oddly, jewelry and watches are near the bottom of the list of products the respondents researched prior to purchase within 90 days of taking the survey. So does this mean that consumers aren't comparing prices or product reviews before purchasing these items online?

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