By Tamera Adams

Approximately 16 percent of consumers said they would no longer patronize a store after a bad experience, according to an article on the National Jeweler Network that reveals the results of a study conducted by MARC Research and National In-Store.

The low percentage of proactive consumers was startling and caused me to question if my philosophy "respect the power of my dollar or lose my business" is a bit harsh. Then I realized that any action I take— either exiting the store or complaining to corporate—isn't usually based on "a" bad experience, it's based on several. Perhaps the remaining survey respondents take the same stance I do. It would be disheartening to know that 84 percent of them simply run home and nurse their retail war wounds in private.

But I'm confident that every consumer isn't complacent. Just last week I heard a marketing executive explain the importance of customer service to a group of franchisees. She had experienced repeated incidences of poor service at a retailer and opted to shop at its competitor instead, which happened to be a few miles out of her way.

That's the type of action that drives results. I don't want to be subjected to sales associates who don't know or care where the merchandise I'm looking for is located, or cell-phone-chatting cashiers who expect me to wrap my neck around the register to read the total of my purchase.

To inspire a wave of change, share your shopping pet peeves with 10X. Maybe one influential retailer will read it, or, at the very least, you'll have the attention of many empathetic consumers, including me.

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