By Tamera Adams

As I mentioned in my 10X blog entry "Off the cuff," I'm less than ecstatic about the Fall 2007 return of fashion circa 1980. Throughout the years, as I watched styles from the '60s and '70s recycle, I lived in fear that trends from the '80s would one day rear their bold, brash heads again. Now that the time has come, I see the subtlety of their descent upon us.

Recall Madonna, who was considered on the cusp of being a style icon during this decade, wearing cross pendants around her neck and dangling from her ears. This year, magazine photos captured celebrities sporting the religious-symbol jewelry trend, and I even blogged about it.

Jewelry news revealed another reignited spark. After years of purchasing platinum, white gold and titanium, designers and consumers are back in love with yellow gold and carrying a torch for rose gold as well. Those ads and commercials begging "send us your old gold, and we'll send you a check" suddenly vanished into thin air.

Last but certainly not least, this summer's bangle craze was a clear indication of things to come. While some stacked their arms with bangles made of precious metals, others opted for wood, Lucite and colorful acrylic. The options were endless, especially since so many clothing brands launched jewelry lines this year. Remember, fashion jewelry was as big as shoulder pads in the '80s.

Now that my fears have come to life, do I stand firm on my decision not to participate in the '80s trends? Deep down I know I want to layer my hot pink bangles on the same arm where my T-shirt is pushed off my shoulder Flash Dance-style. That would be like totally awesome!

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