July 7, 2007 (07/07/07) is believed to be the luckiest, and certainly has become the most popular, wedding date of the century. For some, the power of the lucky number seven is grounded in superstition. For others, the significance is rooted in religious teachings. Regardless of the origin, people the world over believe that the number seven brings good fortune.

Here in the United States, an estimated 65,000 couples are expecting the lucky date to bring eternal bliss, while retailers are passionate about the potential boost in sales. Jewelry stores, bridal shops and vacation resorts—including the place where everyone feels lucky, Sin City—are all using the date to target brides and grooms.

From mega retailer Wal-Mart, whose Lucky in Love wedding package includes his-and-her diamond wedding bands, to independent retailers on Café offering 777 Classic Thongs, the day is all about promotion and profit. Luckily, the retail industry knows that the majority of brides and grooms don't believe in the adage "Love don't cost a thing."

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